Batch convert .rft to .pdf?

One of our suppliers software generates offers in .rtf format. Each rtf reaching 150mb or more. So it's up to our users to convert these to pdf to have them send to customers. Sometimes they forget to delete the originals, our it's intentional to keep the original at hand.
Should there be a way to have these .rtf batch-converted to let's say pdf? I mean no automated automated, but a manually triggered script? I'v been looking around, but most pdf-convertors work on word-docs, but with rtf I had no luck til now.

It's not something Opus has built in, although there's often a Print to PDF virtual printer installed with MS Office (I think) which can be used with Opus's Print command.

Any good batch rtf-to-pdf conversion tool should also be something you could set up on an Opus button or context menu. There seem to be several out there but I don't know which to recommend as it's not something I've needed.

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This one works with .rtf, if Office is installed:


Button to xml works just fine.
Much appreciated!

What a relief...