Batch create new text files (or other formats) using a similar input window as 'New Folders' button?

When I installed Directory Opus, it came with this cool 'New Folder' button:

When I click it, it brings up a box that lets you paste or type names (one per line) to batch create multiple new folders.

Is it possible to use a similar system (button + input box) to create new files for other file extensions (.txt, .bat, .one, etc.)?

Reason I ask is that I just came across a scenario where I had this list of names - from which I wanted to create multiple text files. I couldn't find a button similar to the 'New Folder' to accomplish this, so right now I'm doing it manually (and tediously).

There isn't an exact equivalent to that dialog built-in, but if you have the names on the clipboard the command FileType NEW=.txt FROMCLIPBOARD will auto-create them.

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Thanks, that probably works better because you can skip the pasting action into the box. And you can extend it to unlimited file extensions.