Batch folder directory rename in flat view?

(seems simple .. but searching here + experimenting w/ test folders
trying both command line & dOpus Rename - I haven't understood it yet)

dOpus Flat View of multiple (parent) folders (same partition) that contain subfolders named
"$ blah blah", and want to batch rename them in Flat View to "blah blah_$" --
I'll appreciate the help, thx.

(Flat View is one of my most appreciated functions in dOpus!)

Select the folders, click Rename, make sure "Use preview list to build macros" is turned on, then click on the first item in the list at the bottom, on the New Name column, and start editing the name. Your edits will be applied to all the other folders at the same time.

(Double-tap the End key to go to the end of all the names when you want to add or remove things from there. Double-tap Home to go back to the start of all the names.)

Alternatively, you could use wildcards in the Old Name and New Name fields at the top:
$ * to *_$ will do the same thing, with the extra benefit of leaving alone any folders that don't match the pattern but were selected accidentally.

Thanks Leo - here's a screenie of where I'm at - obviously I don't have it configured correctly,
b/c the renaming process is based on the character count of my 1st name -
so I need to specify how it can adapt to any number of characters, right?

I did click on the 1st name in the list AT THE BOTTOM to edit -
not in the "Old Name / New Name" field at the top.

I think you missed this part of my post:

Yes - that worked! I didn't follow your clear instructions at first,
but I did learn some things from that mistake.
Thx again - as y'all know, this will save heaps of time going forward.

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