Batch Rename or Batch Find & Replace

I want to know how to batch rename files in a folder but my problem is removing/substituting characters
in Directory Opus 12, eg.

finalAB test -D1178
finalAB test -A22422
finalAB test -N105 ....etc

and rename them to

final test complete using - D1178
final test complete using - A22422
final test complete using - N105

I tried your Find and Replace with expressions under Rename but could not resolve my issue.
Please help
Thank you

The simple mode Find And Replace will do that:

Sounds simple enough except I don't have the same left window.
Where you have Dots to Space I have Time-Stamp other options are Capitalize Words, Make Web-Safe,Number Files, Underscore to Space etc.
How do I get your window

It's the same window, Leo just has additional rename presets saved. You don't need them to use Find and Replace.

Thank you.
This resolved my (own stupidness) issue :slight_smile: