Batch rename with new file mask

Happy to be corrected as user error but struggling to batch rename a series of JPG images from WhatsApp into another filename range with auto-incremented numbers in the filename

Dopus Information
Directory Opus Pro 12.21 Build 7478 x64
OS 10.0 (B:19041 P:2 T:1) SP 0.0

Renamed files – manually… Pattern is Amy AC LI Connection xxx - in sequence

Before manual rename – default naming from WhatsApp – date and timestamp filename..

Select range of few files in folder, select rename from menu, paste new name + [#]

Click sequential numbering from tickbox and new name preview reverts to old name
Entering a start number for sequential range and pressing Apply causes the rename to incorrectly apply a sequence to the old name ..

Here you can see the sequence start number – 273 – is applied to the old name and not the new name mask that was entered…

Many thanks

Change the Old name field to * and what you were doing should work. (The way you had it, it would only rename a file with the first file's name.)

Hi Leo

Retried as suggested ..... My mistake ... Works like a charm!

Many thanks for the super quick response..

Kind regards

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