Batch shorten folders of long path lengths

Example. Say I have files with path lengths above 255 characters, some are upto 350 characters.

To cut down that number I might start reducing the folder names: many of the folder names include unnecessary text that might be removed using a simple find and replace on the folder names.

In case of files, no problem, but I am not sure if can be done on folders ...

Right now, I would need to open each andf every file and start editing the folder from there.
Maybe that is the only.

Any suggestions?


You could do a Tools > Find Files (Advanced) on Path Length > 255 to get a list of things that need fixing, then rename the files or parent folders as appropriate.

Actually, I did the path length search already, got the list with files and folders, but then ... the next step(s) from that point on, I still haven't been able to figure that out, regretfully so. As said: files, no problem, but the parent folder.