Best Way to Close Lister and Restart DOpus

  1. /home\dopusrt.exe /restart
  2. Prefs LAYOUT="Your Layout Name Here" LAYOUTCLOSELISTERS=yes
    Set LISTERSIZE=auto
  3. Another alternative?


For what it's worth, #1 is my chosen method.

The 2nd one won't restart the process; it just closes the window and opens a new one.

But maybe that's all you want/need? What's the underlying aim?

I'm trying to understand what each does so I know how to choose one over the other in any particular circumstance. What does restarting the process accomplish that closing and reopening the window doesn't get you?

As I understand it:

  1. closes both dopusrt.exe (background app) and dopus.exe (open listers) and restarts with a fresh instance, which could be helpful in a troubleshooting situation involving DOpus (doubleclick on desktop issue, excessive memory/cpu issue, conflict with another process such as File Explorer, etc.)


  1. closes only the open listers and leaves dopusrt.exe running in the background. Not sure it does anything more than that.


Thanks for the info. I'll follow your lead and stick with /home\dopusrt.exe /restart

It "refreshes" DOpus and gets back to a default lister without any speed detriment.

Another difference is restarting the process will cancel any file copies (etc.) which are still going, while just closing and re-opening the window won't.

Which is best all depends on what you want to do and why.

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hmm, im working on a button to restart dopus with a fresh lister layout..

it mostly works with a strange double flash of the lister because this saved lister layout is set to "close all other listers"

prefs layout="Lister - Home - Fresh"
C:\Program Files\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\dopusrt.exe /restart

hmm, if i put the restart first it cuts out setting the lister layout.

this does work nicely, thou, is there another command i con put in here to skip the first flash from that layout closeing, reopening, then restarting??


Is there a reason you want to restart the whole process? It's usually not needed.

You can have a batch file or script external to Opus which tells it to exit and then tells it to run again with a particular layout. That will be better than opening a layout and then restarting Opus, if you do need to restart it for some reason.

first made this "fresh" lister layout for when i have dozen tabs and side panels open and want to shift attention away from the adhd happening in front of me. LOL, that works great. it opens two tabs, profile & thispc, no side panels, closes anything else. simple.

the reason i wanted i add a fresh restart into that this equation... ive been been playing with scripting in dopus and autohotkey. im not that great at it but its fun. ive also spent the past couple months making heavy edits to menus complete with custom icons etc. at times i make a mess of things, dopus will stutter and icons go blank etc. ...this is usally all my own doing.

usually a restart will fix it, get it running smooth gain.

i even have a emergency "kill ALL AHK" command in my script if loose control of my mouse or whatnot. if im playing in my own script and have 4 others running it will flatline all of them....

then i cant function on my on windows computer because i built my own simple windows manager. and of the 7 or so softwares i use every day i use ahk to add simple functions that i couldnt otherwise hotkey from within...... eg. remapping music files in musicbee is not in their hotkey list so made one that maps it thru the menu, and in dopus i use F11-pref & F12-coustimize to open those windows, if they are in the background i can save and close them with the same key without touch the mouse

sorry i just wrote a novel here... :rofl: