Beta 11.5.3

Thanks for the new beta! o)

I read, that there has been an enhancement for meta attributes and copying them.
Can I now use something "built-in" to copy an exif-shooting-date to the created/modified filesystem timestamps of the same file?

CTRL+' / CTRL+; for inline rename to use prev/next filename, does not seem to work out for a german keyboard layout.
Pressing these shortcuts does nothing, maybe that is because it always takes SHIFT to enter ' or ; on a german layout?


It will be whatever key is in that equivalent location on an English keyboard, I would say. ' is immediately to the left of the enter key, and ; is to the left of that.

I'll be happy to know the french shortcuts...

I guess for french, the same applies what Jon told me (try some keys to the left of enter).

A german keyboard has two keys directly to the left of enter (its two lines high), I tried around and CTRL+Ä seems to work to get the upper filename. CTRL-Ü does get the lower filename, but it appears only for a fraction of a second and then the inline rename quits, with the file not being renamened, so that at least fails and functionality is "upside-down" somehow for me if the upper key gets the lower filename, but hey.. o)
The keys Ä + Ü are not directly to the left of the enter key, there is another key in between each, while Ä + Ü are vertically aligned (Ü is above Ä).
This link has a nice and clear view onto a german keyboard, in case of help:

Additionally if I hit CTRL+SHIFT and the lower key directly next to enter (it is ' #), it results in the inline rename field to grow in size, while the cursor is kind of stuck.

If found shortcut copy next name but nothing about previous name :open_mouth:

It should be the *, I think.

Nope, this one does nothing

For some reason it looks like it's the little "2" key to the right of the "Ech" key.

Waaou lol
It's not possible to force another keys to the futur ?
ctrl+$ to copy previous
ctrl+* to copy next