Beta 11.7.4 Toolbar problem

Hi Leo, I just installed the 11.7.4 beta to see if the 2 bugs I describe before on 2 topic (set Thumbnailsize and set layout=remember restore were fixed). At first, everything seem to work fine until I click on one of my created Button toolbar. It is a simple Button that toggle layout between Dual Vet\Horiz. I have created 4 toolbar. One is located between the 2 lister window in dual mode. But with version 11.7.4 when I toggle layout in dual between vert\horiz, all my icon for different button, disappears on this specific toolbar in the middle. I have to press F5 (refresh) each time to get the icon back.
Also when at first I opened the topic as regard set layout=remember/restore, with this new beta version, everything seemed fine also until I click on a button of one of my toolbar which contain at first
Set layout=remember
Toolbar close=all
(some instruction)
and at the End
Set layout restore
The command set layout did work fine but the command Toolbar did not work well. Actually, the test I did was to remove the last line (Set Layout restore) to see what would happen with Toolbar Close=all if I don't restore my layout at the End. So, when I clicked the toolbar Button again. It executed OK, except that all the toolbar were closed only at the end of the execution of all commands in the button instead of being close (all toolbar) at the beginning as expected.

(Hope my English is not to bad for you to understand).

[quote]Set layout=remember
Toolbar close=all
(some instruction)
and at the End
Set layout restore[/quote]

I don't understand why you would do that. What are you aiming to do?

Sometime Leo I am loosing you. I described a problem I am having and your answer goes toward something else. It is not important to what I am (aiming to do with this Button) . You may create button that look stupid for other and useful for you, but as long as you respect what it is said in the documentation, the command should work fine. So, the problem I describe on top of this topic was that with opus 11.7.3, I did not have trouble with any Button that use (toolbar) as internal command with different argument. Now with 11.7.4 some of my Button do not work well anymore. I tried to roll back to 11.7.3 but on the web site if I go to 11.7.3 beta topic and download from there I always get version 11.7.4 (x64). Aiming or not, there is some bug there ( valid or not) which involve the (toolbar) or perhaps change made to (SET LAYOUT REMEMBER\RESTORE) in this Beta version or perhaps something else (not obvious). I even had a crash for the first time I have been using Opus from version 11.0 up to 11.7.3 So is there a workable link were I can get my hand again on 11.7.3 until I investigate further more 11.7.4.

Without knowing what you're trying to do, it's really hard for me to be sure I have understood what you're expecting Opus to do and where it is going wrong.

I also can't know if you're expecting Opus to do something it was designed to do (and if that no longer works then it is indeed a bug), or if you found an unintended side-effect of how Opus works which allowed you to do something but no longer works (due to us inadvertently changing something). Without knowing what that "something" is, I am stuck.

If you tell me what you're aiming to do, I can either offer a suggestion on a good way to do it, or look into why the old method is no longer working. But I really do need to know what you're trying to do, and I don't see the need to hide it from me? It's your choice, though.

Hi Leo,
You are right again. It is not that I wanted to hide it from you (what I wanted to do). It is simply that I thought it would make to much Data to send over the forum and we might not be allowed by the administrator.
Anyway, I decided to go one step at the time to solve my problem. Now I already posted 2 other topic about (Set Layout=Remember\Restore) and (THUMBNAILSIZE). Bugs on both internal command are solve as I am concern, with Beta version 11.7.4.
But, unfortunately, after installing this new beta version, 3 more problems came out. So I will go with the first one which I believe might resolve later on the 2 other if Opus team find out any bug.
So, I have included 3 pic showing my actual layout and the 4 toolbar that I have created. On the first pic I have circle at the Buttom a button that simply toggle between hoizontal\Vertical in dual mode. On the first picture you can see (in Vertical mode) my toolbar in the middle (between the to lister window). On the next PIC (Horizontal) you can still see my toolbar in the middle. But as You can see on the third pic, (as I toggle back to Horizontal) the toolbar in the middle show-up with no Display Icon Button. Actually it is like if all button on this toolbar were gone. As yo can see at the Buttom of the pic to your lefet, there a series of letter which allow me to close or open any of my toolbar (C: for center L: for left R:for right...). The only way I get the icon and buttons back on my middle toolbar is by closing it and re-opening it with my button (C) for center. I did not have this problem with Opus 11.7.3 until I installed Opus 11.7.4. So let start with this problem first. (The 2 other problem I have are also related to TOOLBAR internal command). If you need more info let me know.
HO! By the way what you see behind the picture it is real snow.

Hi Leo,
To the above, I did more test. First I re-install OPUS 11.7.0. All my Button were working fine except for the 3 Topic I had mentioned over the last month
(PROPRIETIES SETWALLPAPER, SET LAYOUT=RESTORE\REMEMBER AND THUMBNAILZIZE). But those were fixed with 11.7.3 and 11.7.4 . So I ugraded again to 11.7.4 and my problems with Toolbar came back again.
I did this useless Button to demonstrate the Bug with toolbar on my PC. The button is like that
Toolbar close=all
@confirm: All 4 bar should be close now|OK
Toolbar my_own_set loadset
So when I click this button and get the CONFIRM MSG BOX, all my toolbar are still ON. Once I click OK all my toolbar disappear instead of being loaded.
Reverse effect. And I have the same problem with any button that use toolbar internal command. Something changed from 11.7.3 to 11.7.4

I assume that this is you retyping the code.

If not, and you copied it from the button text, the easiest way to pick up the function for messages here, it won't work because of the spelling errors.

I mention this only because I have seen similar reports here – and have made the same bludners myself – of things broken by spelling errors.

My system: Windows 8.1, 64 bit. My problem with this release is not a toolbar, but I'm reporting it here anyway: By using 11.7.4b and after a while certain taskbar related actions freeze, i.e. right click on taskbar does not do anything & programs minimized (icons in taskbar) are not working - in general taskbar is completely unresponsive like there is a problem with explorer. When I use Ctrl+Alt+Delete and exit dopus (+helper) things are going back to normal. By installing v.11.7 everything works smoothly. If I re-install 11.7.4 the problem re-appears. So I'm stuck to 11.7 right now (not that I face any problem with this).

That has no connection to this thread, other than the version number. Please start a new thread for it.

How are you toggling between vertical and horizontal modes?

If the toggle is performed using a custom command, please tell us the command.

Hi Leo, I will answer you shortly with some code but I don't see the point when it is simple line like @ifset:dual=vert set dual=horitz @ifset:else set dual=vert.
But meanwhile have you read my last reply after I sent you those 3 pics? Because as I mentioned, it say it all with this little test. Just made this button with 3 line of code for test purpose.

Toolbar close=all
@confirm: Done|OK
toolbar my_own_set loadset=replace

And as I mentioned earlier, before I answer OK to the @confirm, all toolbar should be close, which is not the case. And once I answer (OK) then all the toolbar are close and (my_own_set ) is not load.
Have you check that on a test PC?

Anything involving @ifset is not "simple" :slight_smile: and a misunderstanding in how @ifset or something else in the button works might be the entire problem, so the details matter a great deal.

Toolbar changes are processed at the end of commands, so it is normal for the change to not have happened yet when the @confirm line runs. If you want better conditional logic, you should switch to using scripts instead of old-style commands and @-modifiers. Scripts will let you do what you want there. (I'm not sure why a @confirm is really needed at all, though; it should be visually obvious that the changes have been made.)

Hi Leo,
Sorry for the delay, I had a heel of a day today. So anyway here some simple code. On tge Pic I sent to you, there is a Button with an equal sign (=) which I use to toggle between H\V

@icon:C:\ProgramData\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\Icons\pause_normal_red_98143\aaaPause_Normal_Red_Icon_256.png,DUAL=VERT @ifset:DUAL=vert set DUAL=horiz @ifset:else set DUAL=vert
I use an @icon modifier to change the sate of the Button icon from Vert\Horitz

Now just to the left of this Button on the Pic I sent, there is a series of letter. Most of them just close or open the different toolbar with a simple directive like

Toolbar Denistr2379_SideBarRight STATE=right line 0 toggle
There is only one exception and it is the Button with letter (C) for My_Center_Bar as showed in the PIC. This Button is a toggle for the Center_Bar to turn in on or of but it has also 3 sub-menu
The main Button (C) as showed in the PIC contain this line

@toggle:invert Toolbar NAME=Denistr2379_Locationbar TOGGLE state={$glob!:Bar_Position}
The Glob:Bar_Position is set-up by the 3 sub-menu for Center or right or left

First Sub-Menu entitled [b]Move Center Bar in the middle contain this code

Toolbar Denistr2379_Locationbar close Toolbar Denistr2379_Locationbar STATE=center @set glob!:Bar_Position=center

Second sub-menu entitled [b]Move Center Bar to the left (tree) contain this code

Toolbar Denistr2379_Locationbar close Toolbar Denistr2379_Locationbar STATE=tree @set glob!:Bar_Position=tree

Third sub-menu entitled [b]Move Center Bar to the right contain this code

Toolbar FutureRainLocationbar close Toolbar FutureRainLocationbar STATE=right @set glob!:Bar_Position=right

Now from version 11.6.0 to 11.7.3, When I would click on any sub-menu of Button (C), the Center_bar would close and automatically open in the new position defined by each sub-menu. Now with 11.7.4, Nothing will happen if I click a Sub-Menu unless after clicking a sub-menu, I click the main Button letter (C) (toggle) to turn off the Center bar and click again to open the Center_bar which will appear in his new position chosen from the Sub-Menu choice. So we are talking about 3 click. It seem that the sequence of closing a bar and re-opening it in a new position with the argument state= do not work anymore. No refresh. I even try to add to each sub-menu a statement like go refresh=all and it would not make any difference unless I close the center bar with the main button (C)=toggle and re-open it. And on top of that sometimes the Icons for each button of the Center Bar do not show-up until it is close and re-open or I press F5. So this is a bug. Something is not working anymore with the argument (CLOSE) with ToolBar.
As regard your earlier comment, this was just a TEST with using closing all actual toolbar and loading a set of toolbar after that. And again All toolbar would close but the Set of Toolbar would not load. So something has change and the only thing I can see is version 11.7.4 since I haven't change anything before.

Made a mistake for the third sub-menu.
Instead of FuturRainLocationBar for the name of the Bar, it should read Denistr2379_Locationbar

Hi Leo,
you never reply to my last comment with the set of command for one pecific button using Toolbar Denistr2379_Locationbar close followed by Denistr2379_Locationbar state=(right or center or left) depending of which sub menu I click from the main Button (C)

The button you are clicking runs this:

@toggle:invert Toolbar NAME=Denistr2379_Locationbar TOGGLE state={$glob!:Bar_Position}

I am guessing that the first time you run it, that variable has not been set to anything, or has been set to something invalid.

When you click one of the other buttons, they are setting that variable, so the button which refers to it then works again.

Hi Leo, I did though about it.But this Button always work fine from 11.6 to 11.7.3.
Also in your comment there is no "toggle" argument used.
So to make it more simple, I close all my Toolbar except the top one (MENU BAR). Then I created 3 Button (simple one with no Variable whatsoever used)

Button A_Center
Toolbar NAME=Denistr2379_Locationbar close
Toolbar NAME=Denistr2379_Locationbar state=center
Button B_Top
Toolbar NAME=Denistr2379_Locationbar close
Toolbar NAME=Denistr2379_Locationbar state=top
Button C_left_Tree
Toolbar NAME=Denistr2379_Locationbar close
Toolbar NAME=Denistr2379_Locationbar state=tree

Now if I click on any Button, the Toolbar should close and then re-open to the new position immediately. Right ? And that is what was happening before 11.7.4. Now even with those 3 simple Button, the toolbar will not close and re-open to the new position until I switch between H\V in OPUS MENU. So it cannot be more clear than that. Remember, I have removed all Toolbar and all Variable. So this is why I am saying there is a Bug about the command ToolBar and argument "Close" and "state" because the new "state" is not apply right away unless I switch from horizontal to vertical simply with a Button like this one:

set dual=horiz
set dual=vert
I don't see how I can present the problem more clearly then what I just did as a test.

11.7.4 was a very small update and I cannot see anything that would cause this to change, if those are literally the commands you are using.

You could try reinstalling a previous version to see if you get the old behaviour back, but I can't see any reason why it would change, nor why those commands would not work. They work here.

:wink: Thanks Leo for the quick reply. So, as regard re-installing a previous version, I try to download 11.7.3 using the Beta link in section 11.7.3 of this forum. But I always get 11.7.4 as a download. So I wonder if you have a direct link to version 11.7.3 as the Button was working with this one. If I re-install it and find out the Button do not work anymore, then I shall suspect something on my PC got messed up which could be a possibility that I have overlooked. But until I check with version 11.7.3 I can't say.

Jon found something that may be causing this in 11.7.4, so it looks like I was wrong. A fix for that will be part of the next update.

We don't leave old beta versions online, so your options are to go back to the 11.7 non-beta version, or to wait for 11.7.5 (or 11.8, whichever comes first).