BETA 11 Update Checker isn't working on my computers

I have Directory Opus BETA 11 installed on my desktop and laptop. When I click on Help > Check For Program Updates... on my laptop and my desktop, it says my installed version is current. However, the dialog window that says this doesn't show when BETA 10 or 11 were released. If fact, the only reason I knew when BETA 10 and 11 were out was when I read a post in the Help forum talking about a version my Update Checker didn't detect. This is the Update Checker window that I see on both computers:

These are my Update settings:

I read in another thread that if the Update Checker doesn't work, check my proxy setting. I connect both computers directly to a modem (no router). I disabled my firewall to see if it was blocking the Update Checker, it didn't work with the firewall disabled. If I enable Use a proxy server for HTTP access, then click OK to set the settings, when I open Preferences again, it is disabled again. I tried entering my Forum User name and Password, clicked OK, then opened Preferences again, everything was again greyed out.

The Update Checker worked on my laptop and desktop when I had BETA 9 installed. It stopped working when I installed BETA 10. I thought there was maybe a bug that was making Update Checker fail, so I waited to see if it would work in BETA 11, it does not. Please advise on what I should do?

By the way, my laptop is running Windows 7, my desktop is running Windows XP SP3 (both 32-bit).

The update checker will not look for beta versions (more detail in the FAQs).

I should have stated earlier that it isn't showing when BETA releases are available, even when I manually launch the Update Checker; the FAQ says While it won't appear automatically for beta updates, it will still include them in its list of news if you open it manually. BETA 9 shows up in my list, that's why I thought BETA 10 and 11 would be listed when I manually launch the Update Checker.

That's just because the news blog hasn't had a post about the new betas yet.

The update checker looks for a newer stable version and tells you about it at the top, an shows a list of blog posts at the bottom.

OK, thank you.