Bind Win + E hotkey to softwares

With Explorer replacement now Win + E opens Directory Opus.
The problem is that i don't know how i can set Win + E to a mouse button or to StrokeIt (sofware for mouse gestures) because evry time i try the combination, Directory Opus Starts and the hotkey is not save in the software where i'm trying to put it

Win-E is a Windows hotkey which opens the This PC (My Computer) folder in the default file manager.

It's not an Opus hotkey, but it can cause an Opus window to open.

What are you trying to make the Win-E hotkey do exactly?

yes i know it's a win global hoteky but i never used before with explorer

All the things i'm doing here is for having a Video Library. I'm going to use Directory Opus as Video Library,that's why i need all those buttons to sort group and filter

I want to open Directory Opus by clicking a mouse button or with a gesture (stroke it) so i'm trying to bind Win + E to a button but i can't do it because the software opens. If i disable explorer replacemente,Explorer will open so i know that's not the problem. I just want to know how can i writh "Win + E" in the razer sofware. i can't even paste Win + E and the copy there because the software will record the Ctrl + V action.

There is no reason to involve Win-E at all if you want to trigger something via a gesture or mouse button, assuming the Razer software lets you run commands and not just push hotkeys.

This command will ask Opus to open the Program FIles folder:

"C:\Program FIles\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\dopusrt.exe" /open "C:\Program Files"

This command will ask Opus to open the "Videos" layout (if you have made one and named it that):

"C:\Program FIles\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\dopusrt.exe" /acmd Prefs LAYOUT="Videos"!Documents/DOpusRT_Reference.htm

Razer's support forum is the place to ask that, but I think using Win-E at all is a bad idea here, as you can't easily change what Win-E does and probably don't want to open This PC every time.

i can run softwares both with razer's software and StrokeIt but in this way a new windows opens every time

Win+E opens a new tab that is not ideal (i would ask about this after solving the Win+E issue) but is much better than a new window

I can't write the path you gave me. i can only select dopus.exe to be launched when clicking a button

I have not used either program but I would be surprised if neither lets you edit the command line to add arguments after the program name (if they don't have a separate field for arguments).

You may find that they cannot intercept Win-E as Windows itself intercepts it at a low level, before more software can see it.

Try asking for help with how to use them on their support forums with how to run commands with arguments, and/or hot to trigger Win-E. (I recommend the former.)

You could also create a System-Wide hotkey in Opus which uses some other key, which can do anything you want, and then set one of those programs to trigger that key instead of Win-E.

where is the quote button???

i created a system wide hotkey with CTRl SHIFT O hotkey with "Go LASTACTIVELISTER" command
Now i can set mouse and strokeit with this shortcut

The only problem is that that mouse button will always open Directory Opus and not only when when i'm using a video player. Unfortunately i can't create a profile for video players because synapse (razer's sofware) is too slow to switch between profiles.
But this is a different (and impossible to solve) problem

Ok now i ask a very complicated thing. this is related to Directory Opus only but i keep asking here

I set the command

Is it possibile to set something like

Go to Last active lister if this lister is D:\Telefilm or D:\Film otherwise Go to D:\Video?

If used Directory Opus for other things and let's say i stopped using it when i was in D:\Music,then i do other things,then i open my video player and i actvate Directory Opes from there. It would be nice if it could go directly to a folder where i have all folders that contains video (telefilm,film,cartoons,sport,porn,etc) BUT if i'm already in one of those folders i don't want Directory Opus to go back to the root folder D:\Video

I hope it's clear what i mean

You'd need a script for conditional logic like that.

Easier: Just make the mouse button bring back the last window, and put a button on the toolbar that takes you to D:\Video so you can quickly go there if not in or below it already.