Bitdefender dopus.exe malware Gen:atc4.detection

All of a sudden using a registered and fresh copy of dopus 12 bitdefender is removing it stating it's malware "Gen:atc4.detection" I can't find any reference to this malware on the web via google and no mention of it on Bitdefender site. This is new, I've been using bitdefender and dopus for at least 6 months with no trouble until now.

After the removal of dopus by bitdefender I downloaded a fresh copy of dopus from the site and installed. It marked it a virus within minutes and removed it again.

Any ideas or help?

Yes. Getting rid of Bitdefender would certainly help. :slight_smile:

No, seriously. A program, that would not allow a false positive to remain on the whitelist, is not acceptable.

Check VirusTotal to confirm it's a false positive.

If it is, you need to tell BitDefender to fix their product as we can't fix it for them or do anything about how they detect things.

Thanks Virus total indicated it was OK on a reanalysis. Don't know what made bitdefender go nuts on it, never had this issue before today, must be the latest virus images database is wacked.