Black Friday Sale?

  1. Any Black Friday Sale this year?

  2. Will a Visa Prepaid card work on this site?

I missed last years sale....very angry about that....anyways hoping for a GREAT price this year.....can't use Credit Card after some problems so maybe a prepaid card will be successful?

Please email for these types of questions. We only handle tech support here, while the people who can answer sales questions don't view the forum as often.


Two questions:

  1. Is there any Black Friday Sale for this year (2020)?
  2. [Any news on Directory Opus 13...?! I've been waiting for the 13 version a very long time!!!


  1. Seem my reply right before yours. :slight_smile:

  2. Opus 13 is still a long way away.

That's unfortunate. My trial is over but I didn't want to buy so far into the release cycle. I was assuming v13 was coming relatively soon, seeing as how v12 has already had more minor version releases than v11 or v10 did. meh... ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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Be a man and get a license.

You will

  • get great software that will make your life a lot easier,
  • support the most dedicated and helpful dev team on the planet, and
  • receive the next version at a reduced rate.

The only regret you'll have is not having bought the license sooner. Trust me!


In my particular case, I don't want to start a useless debate.
I would like to buy licenses if the price was cheaper.
At Christmas 2018, I remember that a campaign was launched with offers of 40% discount. I regret not having bought then but currently, we are all suffering the economic effects of the coronavirus and if there is no kind of help or offer, I do not consider buying Directory Opus licenses (neither version 12, nor version 13 or anything at all).
It would be a detail for the company to be particularly sensitive to this exceptional situation and to offer prices more in line with the current situation.
It is a shame but I am considering purchasing other similar software (Total Comander, xyPlorer, etc.) which in my opinion are worse than Directory Opus but are significantly cheaper.
Do you have any future price offer in mind for this end of the year that might interest me, or have I already decided on other alternatives?

There's always the Light version if you want something cheaper. It's still arguably better than the cheaper alternatives, and you can upgrade it to the Pro version at any point for just the difference in price.

This tech support forum is not the best place to ask about what future sales may happen, as I literally do not know and we usually don't make promises about that kind of thing in public until closer to the time (mainly because we haven't planned that far ahead).

Email and they may be able to help out one way or another.

What does being a man have to do with it? You're implying that men can't be frugal... which is just silly. How 'bout you be a man and stop being silly?

I'd regret buying it, having 13.0 released 6 months later and having to buy it again... As much as I've grown to appreciate DOpus I'm not willing buy it twice, back to back like that...

For those who are interested in a sale, we won't be doing one before Christmas, but are planning something early in the new year.

I considered that, but I use too many pro features and have put enough time into tweaking the UI that having Light only would be frustrating enough that I'd cave and buy pro.

I know you said 13.0 is still a long way away, but a) I don't know what "a long way away" means to you, and b) the last two decades of historical record says there's a new major version released approx. every three years, and since v12 has already been out for more than 4 years v13 has to be getting relatively close... Now, If there was an official statement saying that from a certain point forward any new purchases would qualify for updates throughout the v13 release cycle then I'd buy in a heartbeat, but in lieu of that I have to wait for v13. Or for a nice sale... (I mean doesn't it make sense that if I'd be getting a half of a major cycle's worth of updates, at most, that I should only pay half price? Makes sense to me! :wink:)

I overlooked your post earlier... Very good to hear, you've made my day.. :grinning: Will the sale be announced here on the forum or do I need to watch out for it on social media? (and if it's the latter, which one?)

The end of the year is approaching and we continue to have no news about any offer or purchase promotion.

When will we know about the offer?

I hope the wait is worth it and is generous enough given the current economic crisis that the vast majority of people around the world are experiencing.

Actually, I really want to buy a Diretory Opus license if the prices were a little lower since in my humble opinion their program is terrific of its kind (surely the best) but I also consider it to be outrageously expensive.

If it were about paying for version 13 maybe its price would be justified...

Thank you, greetings and happy Christmas holidays everyone.

See Jon's reply just above. There will be a sale in the new year. Opus 13 is still a long way away.


Can any information on the Directory Opus offer be anticipated or is it still too early?

Happy New Year and greetings to everyone.

The sale will be in the new year.

When it's announced, the information will be at the top of the forum.

New Year Sale! Use coupon code NEWYEAR2021 for 40% off new licences, upgrades and extra licences. Valid until Sunday 17th January.

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