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Black Theme

My version of the black theme.
Any comments and questions write in the comment.
Hope someone finds this useful)

Black Theme 20200402.dlt (119.6 KB)


Hello from Greece!
I have applied your theme and it is really great!
However, I would like you to help me on solving an issue i have with this.

When i select one or multiple files or folders, the color of the background changes slightly and remains dark.
This is making me very uncertain about how many files or folders I have selected.

I tried to modify the color selection on Preferences/files and folders, but whatever I do, whatever color I pick up and apply as a file or folder background, simply does not work.

Can you pls let me know if there is a solution for this, as I am really frustrated.

Do you mean it stays dark, even after the files are de-selected again? Or is it just the wrong color while they are selected?

If the files don't go back to their normal colors when they are deselected, that could be an issue with non-standard Windows themes, which another person had recently. Otherwise, it's just a matter of Preferences options.

Some screenshots of what you're seeing might help us tell you what needs changing.

It is the wrong color. I need to apply a more suitable background color so I can see more easily.
in the attached screenshot I have selected one file and one folder. see by yourself. This is how it looks originally.
I have not tried to alter anything as I have reinstalled the theme.

Try this: