Blank Window

Yesterday my Opus 'Start Window' would not open.
Today, after several PC restarts it finally opened but the 'new lister' window only opens a 'blank' window.

'Directory Opus Start Window ' and 'Directory opus helper application both appear in Windows Task Manager, as many times as I try to open the program, but the main window does not open.

Any ideas please.
Good Web

That looks like the main window in the screenshot.

It also looks like the configuration about which toolbars and folders are open has been lost.

If you click the window icon (top left of the titlebar), an option in there can open Customize and turn the toolbars back on.

After doing that, use Settings > Toolbars > Set as Default Toolbar Set to make sure they stay on.

Everything should work normally again then.

Great. Thanks Leo.
Hasn't happened to me ever before.