Blend column and row - problem

I use Details mode and do not use the full-row selection for my files view, but I would like to have full row (of my selected file) to be highlighted. Just like in the full-row selection mode. It is a lot easier to read file's details.

I have found an option in Preferences -> Display: "Blend row and column background colour" which sounds like the option I am looking for, but it does not work that way.

What should I do to highlight the full row in details mode? Is this possible?

Kind regards

Preferences - Listers - Power/Details Mode

At the bottom of this tab are two options which affect details mode. The first being:

Full Row Selection

And this is not what I want.

I do NOT want to use Full Row Sellection, but only to have highlighted full row. Just like highlighted current column.

So when you ask for highlight row, you are in fact not asking for highlighting the row of the selected file but instead want all the rows to be alternately coloured to make it easier to follow a row???

Something like that.

Something like that? Well it either is or it isn't...

If it is, then the best you could do is make a background image to suit.

In conjunction with a feature request to GPSoftware, that is.

Although I use full row selection, I have a rather wide monitor, and something of the sort that Abadonna mentions would be very welcome. I would actually like to have something like light grid lines, such as the ones I use in the Outlook message display.

z242 that is what I need. As I understand this option does not exist yet.

A light grid lines would be very useful. At beginning I thought about different approach, but the grid lines or odd rows white and even ones grey will be even better solution.

Maybe GPSoftware will put something like this in the following version?

If someone says what colour(s) and style they want these lines/bars to be in and which font/size they're using I'll make them a background.

Let's try.

I use font: Tahoma, size: 9.

One row should be white, and other gray (RGB=239:239:239).

Here's the background. It works for me with 8 and 9 point fonts, I think because having icons turned on makes the lines a minimum height of 17 pixels anyway. (So people who turn icons off may find the lines don't line up.)

Set it to tiled and not shared.

Here's what it looks like:

Thank you!

It is a lot easier to follow. Maybe GPSoftware will put it to the next wersion.