Blinking hover selection of left panel file in right panel

Open DO. have a dark mode enabled. Hover over files by mouse in left panel. Dont select the file just keep hover selection over any file in left panel. Press TAB if enbaled jum to right panel. Have in right panel more files than in left. Be in right panel (mouse is still in left panel on any of files) and move up / down by holding up/down keys. The file in right is "blinking with hover selection" on the position of file in left. Does not happen oposite way when hover selection kept on file in right and moving selection of files in left. It happens only in dark mode. Maybe I can do an video, but it is noticable last few versions.

Update: Ok, you dont need to be on any file. You can be near to scrollbar in left panel. But if the count of files in right panel is more then cursor ends then moving in right panel by up/down cause the file on the mouse cursor position kept in left panel blinking with hover color in rigt panel.

It happens also with fresh instalation. Realy nobody can confirm it?

Here's what I could reproduce.

  • Set up a lister like below
  • Select a file in the right file display
  • Move the mouse pointer into the red box
  • Use cursor keys to move selection up and down in the right FD
  • Some items in the right FD will flicker

Thanks! Fixed in the next beta.