Block overwrite dialog

If I am transferring files using ftp and a file already exists, a dialog pops up us asking if I want to overwrite the file. The problem is that if I am in some other program typing away, the dialog takes the focus and I end up typing in the filename string of the dialog. I'm not sure if this is a DO or Windows problem but is there a way to prevent that dialog from taking control? I would prefer to have it set in the background and wait for me as other programs do. DO even does that for some situations so it appears to be the cause in this case.

I'm almost certain this has come up before on the forums... either way, I don't remember there being anything you can do about it 'now' - so it sounds like a feature request.

Thanks, I thought it might have but couldn't find anything with a search. I'll post it as a request.

Yeah please do so... and explain exactly what the effect is you're seeing. I recall now that the previous topic I mentioned was slightly different and found it here:

[url]An annoying little quirk]

So it is different than what others may have made requests for...