Blue text on context menus

The blue fonts on the white...blah. The main context menu works the right way it would seem.

So change the font colour?

(I've renamed this thread to something more descriptive of the actual problem.)

By default sub-menus inherit the font colour used by their parents. If you want a blue font in the parent menu but not in the children then you need to edit the items in the children to override that font colour.

(There's also an option which you can turn on to make the children inherit the parent's background image, if you prefer.)

The inherit is checked for all the toolbars but it does not seem to be working. The toolbars have a black background with blue fonts which looks pretty good but the submenus only inherit the blue fonts with a white background.

You can't change the font colors of the toolbar and menus separately apparently.

Here is another picture:

You definitely can change the text colour of sub-items as I have done it in my own toolbars. The root items have white text and the sub-items have black text:

How did you get there Leo?

  1. Right-Click the toolbar

  2. Click Customize

  3. Uncheck Label Color (or Check Label Color and choose BLACK)

  4. Right-Click a menu item (button) and click Edit...

  5. Choose the blue color you like

  6. Repeat step 4 and 5 for all the menu items (buttons)

Thanks...not exactly what I was looking for but I guess it works.