'Bookmark' file or 'go to' Last viewed file option?

Is there an option within Dopus where I can 'bookmark' a file or 'go to' the last viewed file?
In some of my folders I have lots of files, especially pictures/photos that I like to view in a lister with large thumbnails. The number of them can go into thousands. When viewing I may set a colour label on a file to mark it, then close it to open another lister and work on something else, then I go back to the previous lister. I know I could just leave it open but some of my projects are on-going so I could be working on something for days. I'll re-open the saved listers the next day and then I scroll to the marked file which can be very slow wth so many files in the folder. If there was a way a button could be created, so it could be clicked on to quickly scroll to the last file I viewed/labelled/edited/added metadata to, it would be so useful! Dopus has so many options in it, I wouldn't be surprised if there is a way to do this already and I've just missed it, but if there isn't, can it be added? Thank you :slight_smile:

You can add the selected file to favorites using a command like this:

Favorites ADD=nameonly PATH {filepath}

Alternatively, you could make sets of buttons or key combinations, like:

Favorites ADD=alias NAME=V1
Go /V1

The first command creates an alias, the second one navigates to it. For example, i have five pairs of those "speed dials", from "V1" to "V5", to bookmark changing locations.

Thank you so much for your answers! So it is possible to do this already? That's great, although both options sounds very advanced for me lol. I don't have much experience/success of setting up custom commands and buttons like those. Are there any simple step-by-step guides to do this, or if someone can make these 'buttons' for me so I can just add them to my configuration? I do want to try and learn everything about this, so if something is set up already, like a template I can look at it and try making my own.

Quick instructions can be found in the first part of this guide:

[How to use buttons and scripts from this forum)

(The other parts can be ignored. Just the Raw Commands bit at the top is what you need.)

Yes, I did it! lol, the instructions made it seem so easy, but I can see how with lots of combinations, one can set up a more complicated system of buttons to achieve what they want. This is brilliant, Thanks again for your help, both of you. I have tried both tips and they work a treat :slight_smile:

Okay, the tip from Leo works in adding the selected file to favourites, but I would like to set a button to 'Go To' it as well. I'm trying to set it as 'abr' suggested, but the button only goes to the folder path, not the file itself - and the file will be listed under 'Alias' and not the favourites list. So how can I combine both ways so that I can add a file to favourites and have a button go to it?

Change Abr's first command to:

Favorites ADD=alias NAME=V1 PATH {filepath}

Then it will create an alias to the selected file, rather than the current folder.

Abr's second command should still be good for going to the file.

(When editing the command, remember you can click the Advanced button at the bottom of the button editor to expand it into multi-line mode.)

Ah yes, I forgot to add '@firstfileonly' and '{filepath}'
That's perfect, it works exactly the way I wanted.
Thank you, you've been very helpful :slight_smile: