Boxcryptor problem

Is it understood that Boxcryptor and DO are incompatible? I have looked at at least some of the messages here and on the web about BC and DO but they all date from a few years ago. I have just tried opening the Boxcryptor X: drive and it is empty. I don't see any way to do anything with it -- I have tried to follow the Boxcryptor help on this. I hope perhaps I'm just missing something obvious! I just have a Boxcryptor free account.

Based on Searching resulting in 'Not Responding' [Boxcryptor icon overlays], their shell extension was causing problems back in February at least.

I don't know if it's still an issue or if they've made some fixes on their side. (We could not debug it either way as the problem is inside their DLL which we don't have the source to.) If it is still a problem, their icon overlay shell extensions can be disabled as per that thread, to remove the issue.

Many thanks as always, Leo. I found when exploring the advice in that article about editing the BoxCryptor config settings that there was something clearly not right about my BC installation. I uninstalled it and downloaded the latest version and installed that. It came up showing my Dropbox account as the single cloud account allowed in the free version, but I was able to change that to Google Drive, which I preferred. So all seems to be working -- this without doing anything special at all, including not editing the config file, nor doing anything like deleting icon overlays.