Brave browser. Unable to navigate forum page until Ctrl+F5

Had anyone noticed similar, where in Brave browser forum main section refuse to respond to user inputs, until you hit CTRL+F5. Can't scroll, can't click items.

Brave built-in Shield is disabled, same is with AdGuard extension. Both are disabled on page.
When you wipe cookies, it works as it should. Once logged in, behavior again appears.

Oddly that this is only page which behaves like that.

Do suspect that this has something to do with site settings in browser...

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Just tested with latest Brave install (1.56.14) - nothing disabled :slight_smile: Works like a charm

Guess I need to update it sometimes. :slight_smile: (currently v1.52.122)
But don't want to do it, as it may have impact on certain extensions 1Password especially.

You're in a quandary now, aren't you? You want it to change, but you don't want to change anything.

Nice place :slight_smile:

Okay for some reason it again started to work, once "blockers" got turned back.
And the reason was some kind of 1x1 "loading" image which covered majority of page and blocked mine clicks.
Hope it stays like that. [broke after 5 minutes :smiley: ]

"Preloader" image is probably the animation that plays while the page is loading. But I'm not really sure, as we didn't write the forum software.


Managed to find that issue actually occurs with Brave, and nothing to do with forum.
In console you will find: Refused to execute inline script because it violates the following Content Security Policy directive: "script-src with plenty URLs mentioned after.

Seems like also ongoing issue.

Fun piece is that even pages also break in same way, as it's here for me.