Bring back Folder Filters for Flat View

The Flat View is the main reason I'm using Dopus. It's very powerful and I use it several times a day.

After upgrading to Dopus 9 yesterday, I noticed that some of my custom buttons were not behaving as in Dopus 8. To my shock I noticed this line in the release notes document:

"In Flat View, the Folder filters are now ignored. This should hopefully resolve the confusion many users face when using filters in Flat View (file filters still work as normal)."

My work with the Flat View heavily depends on Folder Filters being applied. For instance, to hide the ".svn" directories. Is it possible to turn folder filters on for Flat View or to introduce a configuration option for this behavior?

This one was a tough call.

At the moment I think all that can be done is to hide the files inside the .svn dirs, but the dirs themselves will still appear.

I do not know who got confused, but I find the current way of filtering with FlatView very unintuitive.

For example, if I have Folders/Files filter on and type in "bmp" I would like to see all the folders with that string, all the files with the string and folders/subfolders containing those files. All the other folders are irrelevant, aren't they?

Lots of people got confused because it would hide the files and all sub-folders as well, when they expected only the folder itself to be hidden.

Personally, I would also like to see FlatView folder filtering come back in some way, but I'm not sure exactly how it should work. Maybe the FlatView folder format's Filter tab should be respected while everything else is ignored? Then you'd be able to exclude dirs you never want to see.

Frankly, I am shocked that instead of optioning this they decided to remove a feature... Who do they think they are, Microsoft or something? :smiley:

I guess an option "Do not hide subitems in FlatView when filtering" should solve the issue? Along with my "Exclude folders not matched by filter". It is high time FlatView got its own Preferences page anyway :wink:

I'm not really that big a fan of this change either. To my way of thinking, if I filter out a folder name, I don't want to see any folders by that name (or pattern), or any subfolders or files under them.

Conversely, if I use a show filter for a folder, I want to see only all folders by that name (or pattern), and all subfolders and files under them.

But the subfolders wouldn't match the show filter so they would get filtered out...

But the subfolders wouldn't match the show filter so they would get filtered out...[/quote]

The way it works now, yes that's true. To be sure, it's a logic problem. But, I'm saying this little corner of Opus needs some new brain storming. I'd rather see the Filter subsystem (used in Find, Sync, etc.) in here, rather than those four little blanks anyway. But even that ends backup at the logic problem of how to handle filtering subfolders in and out.

... is to think of the FlatView as a list of full paths, e.g.:

C:\Program Files\Maintenance\Directory Opus\Opus 82 Changes.pdf
C:\Program Files\Maintenance\Directory Opus\Opus9ReleaseNotes.pdf
C:\Program Files\Maintenance\Directory Opus\Viewers\pdfactivex.dll
C:\Program Files\Maintenance\Directory Opus\Viewers\targa.dll

Then every path which contains the selected string should be shown - even if the subitems do not contain the specific tag. The paths which contains the forbidden string (even if it is high up in the path) are excluded.

I am not saying that this should be the only way to do it, or even the default way, but it makes most sense to me...

I have done a lot of searching of the forums and I am very shocked and disappointed to find that this feature has been disabled for the sake of a few (easily!) confused people. I want to hide my .svn folders in flat view.

Please add it back in!


At a minumum, the auto-content feature for filtering might be enabled without confusion for flat view mode. Selection would be allowed but no field entry when in that mode might work OK.

File filters were never disabled in Flat view, only folder filters - so auto-content would be unaffected.

An in case anyone hasn't noticed, the last update added an advanced Preferences option to re-enable the folder filters as well if you want.

Auto-content filtering only affects files and thus has always worked with flat-view as far as I can tell. (We're talking about being able to use the drop-down to select *.xyz from the list of extensions in the folder, right?)

As for folder filters in flat-view, it's already back. See the changelog for how to enable it if you want to use it.

Edit: Posted before I had seen Jon's nearly identical reply above. :slight_smile:

Nice! Thank U Jon and Leo!

I am unable to use auto-content filtering in flat view ... the files display very quickly but then the screen refreshes and shows no results

What kind of filter are you using?

With no shortage of configurable "options" in the product as it stands... :slight_smile: could there not be some options to control the behavior of folder filtering in flat view?
[ul][li] Apply folder filters to sub-folders in flat view[/li]
[li] Show/Hide files under filtered folders in flat view[/li][/ul]Then maybe some additional control codes in the FAYT and filter fields that can selectively undo some of the hard set option behaviour?

Say you apply a folder filter of "test"... and DON'T have an option like those above enabled... and you still see a few "test" folders further down the folder structure; couldn't we do something like *\test as an additional filter to hide any "test" folders below the current dir? Could we not also do something like *\test | 2 (without the spaces around the pipe char...) to only apply the sub-folder filter to a max of two folders down?

Or... if there was a desire to apply a folder filter ~starting a few levels down (that would otherwise cause the initial TOP level folders to be hidden thereby wiping out the entire display) give similar "folder level" control with something like *\ | 2\test that would ONLY apply (say a SHOW filter) the filter starting from two sub folder levels down. Similar to above, if a "apply filter to sub folder" option was not enabled, you could achieve a combination of these ideas with something like *\ | 2*\test?

How about some additional logic to reverse the display prefs of files ~below the filtered folders... I think something like this would require Opus to be able to intelligently compare what you're telling it to do against what you've ALREADY told it to do... i.e. you could specify something like ~*\test* to ask opus to reverse whatever the display properties are set to for showing files below filtered sub-folders - but it would only be effective if you had already set a FOLDER filter of *\test in order for the surrounding ~ and * bits to be meaningful...

Just blabbing... theres GOT to be a way to offer the functionality, make it rather intuitive, and still be able to give many people (not saying EVERYbody) the sort of easy ability to these things in a way that makes sense to a majority...? And maybe the | char is the wrong one to use... maybe there's some other comb of escape chars, and some of the rest of the ability to this sort of stuff should fall in line with a regex-like syntactical approach...? blah blah foo foo...

That might be possible using the relative-path column and wildcards that specify how many \ characters can appear, without the need for a new syntax.

I think it'd be better to enable Advanced-Find style multi-clause filters to filter the file display rather than extend the simple system even further (since it's already confusing enough for most people).

Of course, you can already use that style of filter with a Find tool, which gives you something similar to Flat View, just not updated in real-time.

You can also use that style of filter via the Select command, but again it's not automatically updated until you run the command (push the button) again.

Based upon the results I am getting from trying flat view in several places, the lister is entering flat view and displaying the results; but when I select an auto-content option/selection, the lister seems to revert to just showing the filtered results for the original parent folder only .... although the FLAT button remains on.
I have tried this with several of the auto-content selections available.

Once I clear the filter when the flat view is on, the lister then redisplays the flat view correctly.

I guess this is a general problem as I get the same results when entering the filter field manually.

Complete settings are FILE and FOLDER, SHOW, AUTO-CONTENT, PARTIAL

I uninstalled and reinstalled ... that seems to have fixed the flat view filtering problem I was having.