Bring up other applications when moving/copying

Am confronted with a bit of a weird behavior recently.

When I copy or move files, almost instantly after Opus starts the task, another active application gets on top.
For example: in Opus I start a copy task, Word is active, then the Word window covers Opus and I must click it away to access Opus.
Even when I close Word, then another application gets on top.

A bit annoying - no idea as to what might be the cause of it.

Haven't changed anything to the Opus-settings.

Does anyone out there have any idea?
Probably a 'me-only-issue' again.. :slight_smile:



Which version?

I have been seeing something similar, but seems to happen only when I click abort/cancel on some dialog. When I do that, some other window becomes active. I did not report it yet because I have yet to determine if this may be caused because some other program.

Sounds like the same problem as these threads:

There might be a fix coming in 12.3.3 beta according to Leo's response here.

@leo - sorry - forgot to add: v12.3.2 b6194 (x64).
to others: thanks for letting me know that I am not the only one this time
and that it will probably be fixed in 12.3.3!