Browser windows turning white and black sometimes

Posted about this in early beta, and you said it was or might not be directory opus as that does not affect anything outside of directory opus.
But still getting this problem, was watching startup sequence after a PC restart and 2 browsers opened on 2 different monitors to the last pages they were set at before directory opus had started. Then both browser windows turned white background black foreground just as directory opus started - dopus icon appears on taskbar then a wait of a few seconds before lister displays - after the lister display not sure if I refreshed each browser or if they returned to normal by themselves.
My setup is quite old gen4 intel cpu and rtx 2070 gpu, but directory opus is definityly doing something that is affecting the whole system (graphically) this is during startup after a PC restart remember. (GDI handle usage would have been low/normal)

It’s impossible for Opus to affect the colors web browsers use in their own windows. Completely impossible.

Sounds like graphics driver issues. It might be connected to DO, but rather not due to DO doing anything illegal.

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think i'll switch nvidia driver, see if that makes any difference