Buffer overrun detected!

Hello Everyone.

I'm running a registered copy of Directory Opus, with default settings, under windows XP, service pack 2.

Whenever I select more than 100 files (all in one folder), if I then attempt to move the mouse (cursor) even close to the File menu (so I can rename the files), Directory Opus crashes with a message box from the "Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library:" "Buffer overrun detected!"

Please help, and thanks in advance.

I just tried it with Unicode version and had no problems when I selected 269 files.

Are you using ANSI or Unicode version ?

Try hiding Windows items on the file menu (Prefs->Miscellaneous->Windows Integration->Hide Windows items on file context menus) and see if that helps. If it does then one of the additional context menu items is causing the problem. If you can disable the additional items one-by-one to see which app is at fault, and then report this here so Jon can maybe do something about it.

Like Deipotent says, it's almost certainly a context menu handler. These are included in the File Menu. For info on tracking down the problem, see this thread and the part with the registry keys in particular:

resource.dopus.com/modules/newbb ... st_id=2484

Also, if you want you can remove the marker which inserts the context menu items into the File menu (just go into Customize mode), although you'll probably still get a crash when right-clicking files. You can also rename things via the Rename icon on the toolbar without going into a submenu.

But finding what is causing the crash and (a) disabling it so your system is stable and (b) letting GPSoft know what it was so they can fix or work around it, is the most important thing.

Hello Again.

First let me thank both of you for your help.

  1. I believe I tried both Unicode and ANSI versions,, but I'm currently using the Unicode version.

  2. If I hide Windows items on the file menu (Prefs->Miscellaneous->Windows Integration->Hide Windows items on file context menus) the crash disappears, and I can rename all of my files. Yippee!, as a young Darth Vader repeatedly said. :smiley:

  3. Using the registry hacks (thank you for that pointer), I narrowed the problem down to the (MenuAsText Class) CLSID: {9C1BBBA7-5606-48FC-B15E-890A96581BB8}. Hope that helps you in tracking down the penultimate cause of the bug.

Thank you again for your help in solving my problem,

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