Bug: A tab's starting folder is not added to its history if Auto-loading is set to "Load on tab activation"


I have a default lister with a tab group, with all of the tabs set to different directories on fixed drives. I've set Preferences > Folders > Auto-Loading > All other drive types = "Load on tab activation".

When I open a new lister and switch to a tab that was inactive, it loads fine, but when I navigate to any of its subdirectories, the previous one (the parent) is not added to the navigation history (both arrows remain disabled). This only happens to the directory that's shown when I first activate it. Afterwards everything is remembered as expected.

Note: after changing this setting, you need to close the lister and test it in a new one.

I tried this on a fresh install of Opus 12.5, on a clean VM, and it still happens. I only modified the following settings:

  • Folders > Auto-loading > All other drive types = "Load on tab activation"
  • Launching Opus > Startup > Open the default lister
  • I opened a bunch of tabs pointing to different directories on my HD, and saved that as the default lister

Everything else is set to the defaults. This definitely doesn't happen when the Auto-loading setting is set to "Load normally"

Here's the settings file, if it helps:
Diego - Opus Config - 07-may-2017.ocb (53.8 KB)

Given that this doesn't seem to have been reported before, I assume it is not usual to set fixed drives to load on tab activation, but I have a legitimate use case. At work, all computers have rather paranoid antivirus settings. Whenever I start Opus it tries to load all tabs, and the antivirus goes berserk trying to scan everything Opus is accessing. It takes a long time to go back to normal, so deferring tab loading helps quite a bit.


Thanks for the report, this will be fixed in the next update.