Bug: cannot switch from pro to free version

I have following issue:

I have tried Directory Opus (latest version), pro version has expired, I choose to switch to free version, but this is not operative. Nothing happend. Already uninstalled and downloaded latest Dopus version 12.12, same issue is occurring.

Could this be fixed?


If you've completed a 60 day pro trial then you won't be able to run Opus any more, as the default evaluation certificate only lasts for 30 days from install.

There is no free version, outside the evaluation time. Opus Light costs less but isn't free.

I have completed the 30 day trial, not the 60 day

ok, thanks

You can trial Light for 30 days, and Pro for up to an additional 60 days.

The trial period for Pro is longer since it's more complex and has more features, so we give more time to try them out before deciding if Pro is worth it to you.

Ok, thanks