Bug in Go /mydocuments ? Or breadcrumb?

Reproduction path:-

Open a lister at C:
Breadcrumb shows "> C: >"

Click a button that executes "Go /mydocuments"
My documents are displayed. Breadcrumb shows "> Documents >"

Click the up arrow to the left of the breadcrumb
A list of my disks is displayed in the lister: C: , D:, F: etc, plus mapped drives
Breadcrumb shows "> accountname > Documents" (where Documents is greayed)

Double-click the top drive in the lister
An error box is displayed saying that "The filename, directory name or volume label syntax is incorrect. (123)"
The breadcrumb displays "> C: > Users > accountname > C: >"

Not a major thing, but if you can squeeze it into your bugfix schedule I'd be grateful :slight_smile:


Looking at this again, it would seem that the issue is with the uparrow processing.
From a current lister of C:\Users\accountname\Documents, the uparrow is displaying a list of drives.
It should really be going up one level and displaying the contents of C:\Users\accountname.
Instead it seems to have gone to 'My Computer'...

And on further analysis, I guess the root issue is that the directory change initiated by "Go /mydocuments" isn't being propagated to the uparrow, which still has a record of the previous (now out-of-date) folder.

My analysis gone as far as I can take it, over to Leo :slight_smile:

Thanks for the report!