BUG: Label filter thread error ( beta)

I found a peculiar bug in the latest dopus x64 regarding the label filter functionality.

Steps to reproduce:[ul]
[li]Create a Rating label filter like this:
[li]It works perfectly fine in all folders except DESKTOP (the virtual one). When desktop is navigated to it immediately throws this error:
[li]Dopus recovers after clicking yes but from that moment on file metadata is no longer being read from any file in any location (tags / comments / ratings / etc) until a dopus restart.[/li][/ul]
Narrowed it down a bit after removing all files and icons from the desktop and it still happens. The only virtual sub-items remaining are:[ul]
[li]File Collections[/li]
[li]Current User Home Folder.[/li][/ul]
If dopus makes a dump/more detailed log of this error, tell me where and I will attach it.

Thanks! I've fixed that for the next beta/update.

It's the File Collections item which triggers the problem. You can hide it from the Desktop until the next update, if you want to keep using the label filter. (Preferences / Folders / Virtual Folders)