Bug?: Locked Tab, changes, to other view. Cannot change back


I hope I can explain this correctly.

My default lister view is a dual screen.
On the left side, it displays my documents.
On the right side, it displays c:
Then I have a few groups with tabs defined.
One of them is called "IS"
When I open this group it displays several tabs:

  • \srv9\new is
  • \smnldata9\distrib$
  • \smnldata9\software$
  • \smnlintra\wwwroot

All these tabs are locked(allow folder changes)
And "\srv9\new is" is the active tab.

When I now press the 2nd, 3rd or 4th tab they act as expected, I can change the directory, and when press again the change back to the original defined state.
Except for the 1st tab, (\srv9\new is), this one now displays the "my documents" on the left side, and "c:" on the right side.

Is there something I can do to always have it show \srv9\new is\ ???

The same phenomenon happens with the other groups I created.

If I need to make screenshot to clarify myself, let me know.


Seems like if the first tab in a tab group is locked then it gets reset to the lister's default folder. I've filed a bug report.

I did the same.

Just want to add that I've experienced the same behavior.

It will be fixed, no more confirmation necessary :slight_smile:


Fixed in Opus

Full list of changes here: [Directory Opus