BUG: My Documents discrepancy

At home I use an SBS2011 and all my home computers are part of the domain.
Part of SBS2011 policy (and I think same goes for WHS2011 which is much more common probably), is that users' documents (and also possibly desktop) are actually ON server and synced back to client.
Actually "My Documents" is directly lynced to the server location and is NOT local, it just has "available offline" set, so it actually syncs to the client.

As you can see from the attached capture...

  • In FOLDER TREE we properly see TWO "My Documents" folders. One is the local one (it is actually empty) and the other with the sync icon is the remote. I could possibly eliminate the local one (since it just creates confusion), but I am not sure if this would mess the system so I don't touch it.

  • In RIGHT tab you see the content of the second "My Documents" folder and its actual location.

  • In LEFT tab you see the whole problem. It is my home directory. You see ONE "My Documents" folder (and is the empty local one). Now I am used to choose this folder instead of going to FOLDER TREE and... you get it. Wrong place.

To make it clear, opening my home directory without DOpus, again I see TWO "My Documents" (actually OS is stupid and doesn't show a sync icon to separate the two folders), so I can choose the correct one.

So this is the bug: DOpus only shows the proper folder in folder tree and NOT in my home folder. If I deleted the local (useless) "My Documents" from there, I would have a weird no-my-documents home folder.

Actually this could possibly indicate further bugs related to folder redirections or offline files etc.

(now that I think of it, I will delete the local one, it just creates confusion - but that is irrelevant)

Thank you for your time.

PS. If you need to test the bug resolution, let me know.

I have to guess since I obviously can't see exactly how your system is configured, but I don't think this is a bug or related to the folder synching (although it is not ideal either).

The folder tree is showing you the user-profile virtual folder, which includes in the C:\Users\nls.ILOGIC directory (shown in the left file display) plus, potentially, other things from other locations that have been made part of your profile folder.

While C:\Users\nls.ILOGIC is the real directory that corresponds to your user-profile folder, it is not the actual user-profile folder. The user-profile folder is a virtual folder which does not exist below any one real directory. C:\Users\nls.ILOGIC only has one My Documents directory below it, so only one shows up in the file display. The other My Documents directory is presumably located somewhere else. (What path do you see in the file display when you click the other My Documents in the folder tree?)

Starting from the bottom. I know the "other" My Documents directory is somewhere else, said so from the beginning.
I have it in my right tab in the screenshot (and you can see a hint of the location - which actually fully is "\QUASAR-ULTIMA\RedirectedFolders\NLS\My Documents").

The thing is that:

a) OS itself (unlike DOpus, except in the folder tree) DOES show this "other" My Documents directory IN the profile folder. So MSFT thinks (correctly) that it should show it there.

b) Plain and simple, it does help to be there ("shown there" actually), so I'd say it should be there (ok possibly switchable).

c) After all, if folder tree shows the virtual folder, why when I select that virtual folder in the tree, I don't see the VIRTUAL folder contents and only the physical folder contents? It's a confusing situation... "Now I show you the virtual folder... now I don't, I tricked you").

Talking about this, can I make folder tree ALWAYS show my user profile virtual folder? (of the user logged in of course) Because now it only shows up in the tree if I open it from desktop.

And to clear something up, in Windows (I think even starting from XP) you can right-click "My Documents" and place it somewhere else (for example a D: drive when OS is in C: drive).
This is what SBS (and WHS) uses, through group policy, setting each domain user's "My Documents" (and also "Desktop" if you want - I don't use that), to a server location.

So it is NOT folder syncing. I think I made this clear. "My Documents" DIRECTLY links to a share and this share has the option "make available offline", so that user actually STILL has accessible "My Documents" if server is down. This is the only type of "syncing" taking place. IT DOES NOT sync to local "My Documents" folder.

So pointing "My Documents" somewhere else is not to be confused with virtual folders either. As I told you this works before the time of virtual folders (in DOpus or Windows 7) as it works IIRC from XP.

I hope I am clear with the mechanics. If you need more details on this (and Google or Technet cannot help you) let me know. I can go into finer detail I guess.

Windows Explorer shows the virtual profile folder, not the real directory, in the file display. Opus only shows the real directory in the file display. That's the difference.

This isn't ideal, as I said, but it also isn't a bug. It's a side-effect of the differences between virtual folders and real directories in Windows.

We plan to make Opus handle the profile as a virtual folder (like Opus handles the Desktop and My Computer) in the future, but it's a non-trivial change so I am not sure when it will be done.

OK thanks.

I would just like to add that, for some reason, Windows still can't handle moving all the userfolders to a different drive/location. I've seen the behaviour that NLS described before, searched around and decided that priority would be for Windows to deal with it gracefully.