Bug report: install button appears on the portable version

I run DOpus as portable software on a USB stick; the save, restore options and export to a USB stick are greyed out. But, when I go to the Help menu / Look for updates, if there is a new version available, I get the Install button. So, I noticed that if I press it, it would download the official installer and this installer would try to install DOpus on the HDD, which is not my intention since I run DOpus from the USB stick.

So, in my opinion:

  • either you disable the Install button on the portable version since the installer doesn’t know how to update a USB stick (a quick fix)
  • or you allow the installer to update a USB stick (I would prefer this option)

I would also prefer the option for installer to detect and update the stick version as I use exported Opus at work.

Thanks for pointing this out. We'll disable the install button for USB installs in the next update to avoid causing the problem.