Bug while Saving Preset in Regex Replace Mode


Here is a bug about presets sometimes not saving in the replace window in regex mode.
I believe it has something to do with the name of the preset.

The bug is two-fold. I was tweaking a regex search-and-replace.

  1. When it looked good, I hit "Save Preset". Then I clicked cancel from the Replace operation, as I didn't want to rename the files (I was just setting up the regex at that stage). When I went again to look at my carefully honed preset, the saved preset was not in the list!

  2. The second time around, I re-created the regex pattern /pull you hair here/ , saved the Preset, and clicked OK to replace. The replace failed because one target rename collided with an already renamed file. I went to look at the preset: Not in the list again!

To clarify, this bug is about saving presets. (Not about target collisions, regex patterns etc.)
It is pretty annoying as bugs go as I wasted time tweaking the regex (twice more than needed).

Here is everything you need to duplicate the bug.

  1. Create two files named:

The idea of the preset is to replace every dot in a file name with a space, except:
(i) the dot before the extension
(ii) trailing dots just before the extension, which are just nuked instead of being replaced by spaces.

  1. Select the files, open the replace window in regex mode.
  2. For the pattern, paste ([^.]+).(.?)(?:.).([^.]+)$#
  3. For the replace, paste \1 \2.\3
  4. Save the preset, pasting this exact name: Replace Dots w Space try ab.1.2...txt
  5. Click OK.
    The replace will fail because the second file with collide with the first.
    Open your replace window: the preset is gone.

I tried with a simpler preset name (test preset) and did not have that problem.
In case you are wondering, the long preset name ("Replace Dots w Space try ab.1.2...txt") was there to remind me of the pattern's behavior (that's why it contains the name of a test file name.)

Wishing you all a beautiful weekend


I should add that once you know about the bug, it's not a big deal, as you can work around it by

  1. saving your regex patterns to a text file just in case, and
  2. giving "simple names" to your presets.

(At this stage, I am not sure what constitutes an unacceptable name for a preset, but finding an acceptable name is easy.)

I can duplicate this.

FYI: You can get your last rename dialog settings back by clicking the Last Rename preset.

Hi MrC,

You're right about the Last Rename. I tried that and see that even though the Preset had vanished, I didn't have to reconstruct the regex.

Just tried again saving a regex with dots in it. Same story, it "pretends" to save it, but when you come back to it later, the "saved preset" has vanished.
So that is a small bug for our mighty developers.