Bugged copy process percentage

i noticed a bug when copying something from a zip file to a ftp:

Which version is that in?

Is it repeatable or a one-off?

i have version and it*s repeatable, at least on my setup.
im uploading the files from the zip archive of the simplemachines forum software to a ftp account of the square7.ch freehoster

Thanks. I've reproduced something similar, at least, when copying directories (not individual files) from within a zip file to an FTP site.

There's something similar when extracting zip files and using queues:

Extract a zip file.
While it's extracting, start extracting another zip file.
Opus will ask what to do, tell it to queue the second extraction.
When the 2nd zip is being extracted, the window will show "xx bytes/100 bytes" (or maybe 100/100, I forget) where the files are much bigger than 100 bytes. It seems to be showing percentages instead of bytes.