Build-in Folder aliases not showing in Folder Tree

I think it is a bug (but it can be a User error)
When I activate Folder Aliases to show in Folder Tree, it is showing not-expandable. Clicking on it doesn't do anything.

DOpus 12.3.7b x64 Win7PRO x64

Have you made any folder aliases?

Preferences / Favorites and Recent / Folder Aliases

(Built-in ones won't be shown in the tree, as that would fill it with so much stuff it wouldn't be much use.)

Nope, I was hoping to get the build-in ones to show so I can use them as quick paths.

FR to be able to do it? :slight_smile:

We'll add an option in the next version for this, although I question how useful it is given how many built-in aliases there are.

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Thank you guys, you are the best!
The thing is that i am working in alot of the build in alias folders in my day-to-day work and i dont want to make duplicates in favorites for them as we already have them sort-of-bookmarked. On the matter of the quantity - I agree, there are too many build-in ones to be useful in one big list. Maybe we can choose which ones can be displayed (ex. via sub-list in Preferences>Folder Tree>Contents>Folder Aliases). I dont know if it will be possible and if it wont take too much work, though.
However THANK YOU for whichever improvement in this direction you decide to make :slight_smile:

Thank you for this!

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