Built-in text viewer seems to lock .csv files; is there an "Open Temporary Copies" setting?

Hello! When selecting a .csv file with the preview pane open using the default catch-all built-in text viewer, opening that .csv file in Excel will result in a notification that the .csv is in use (by "another user"). If the preview pane is closed or if it is configured instead to use the Windows TXT viewer with Open Temporary Copies set, this does not occur. There is a warning not to use Windows TXT as it will override the superior Directory Opus text viewer.

Is there a corresponding "Open Temporary Copies" setting for the Directory Opus text viewer, or another means to prevent it from locking .csv files?

Thank you!

How large are the csv files? The text viewer only keeps files open in unusual situations (e.g. a very large file displayed in hex mode) and almost never else.

Are you sure it's the Opus text viewer and not a different one? For example, if you have installed Microsoft PowerToys, they install a preview handler which takes over hundreds of text extensions, including csv, and it's so bad at the job that we're going to block it by default in the next update.

I think around 14 MB and larger. What is the cutoff size-wise? If I right click in the preview window, there's a Text Plugin > About... menu that shows "Text Viewer Plugin" text.dll etc., so I'm pretty sure it's the built-in one. Is there a way to cause it to use temporary copies even for large files, or is the solution to use the Windows TXT viewer?

I had taken a look at the PowerToys last year, and many seemed rather half-baked to me, particularly the preview handlers. I can see why you would block them... there are easily-found preview handlers that are far better.

Thank you for your help!

Current limit is 8MB before it switches to a method which locks the files instead of reading them all into memory. We'll increase this a bit in the future, since it's pretty small by today's standards.

Thank you, Leo. Some of the .csv files sent to us are quite large (100+ MB). Is the best alternative for us to switch to the Windows TXT viewer?

Try it and see. Or close the viewer pane if it's getting in the way and you don't need to read the current file in it.

Either works, but toggling the preview pane on/off presents more of a training and workflow issue. Switching to the Windows TXT viewer would be preferable, but since it warns enabling it will "override the superior Directory Opus text viewer", I didn't know whether there were other implications to consider.

The main things you'll lose using the Windows text viewer is being able to search within the text viewer and being able to change the colors from black-on-white. If you're OK with that then it should be fine.

That is very helpful--thank you! I'll keep an eye out in the release notes for when the limit is raised from 8 MB and by how much in case we can switch it back.