Button background colour

Is it possible to make the background of a button look different to the other buttons on the same toolbar?

I want the button that appears on my drive toolbar when an external device is plugged in to be a different colour to the other buttons so it stands out more. I’ve altered the colour and I can see the the colour changes when in customize mode, but when I come out of the button it reverts back to default.

This is the code I have in the button.

Go DRIVEBUTTONS=fixed-cdef,removable+i,lettersbeforelabels

In the image it is the last button on the tool bar (removable Disk)

For individual buttons I'm not aware of a way to do this however you can change the look of all buttons on a toolbar. So you could create a new toolbar with just one button on it and in customize/toolbars set the colors as you want.

For the one button the command might be something like:

Go DRIVEBUTTONS=removable+i

or even just

Go i:\

An individual button's text and background colours can be changed via the two Color boxes. In the screenshot below the background one has been changed to red:

Nudel I used the two colour boxes to get the blux colours you can see in the image. The problem is that when I leave customize mode the colours disappear back to defaults. I think this is because the button is a "DRIVEBUTTONS" button.

What I want to do is for the colours I pick to stay after I leave customize mode.

Ah yeah, it looks like the DriveButtons command ignores its background colour. I'll file a bug report as it should respect the setting. For now, like John suggested earlier, a standalone button with "Go i:" or similar on it should let you change its colour.

Just to let you know this is something else that has been fixed in the 9006 update. Thanks!!