Button code to unzip to

I can create button code to extract selected archives to the same folder/archivename and then open the extracted files in new tabs as in:

Copy EXTRACT=sub Here Go {filepath|noext} NEWTAB

However, I can't seem to figure out how to extract archives to a specific destion\archivename.

Example: if d:\myzip.zip is selected and I click my button, I would like to extract it to D:\Archives\myzip and then open D:\archives\myzip in a new tab.

Could someone please provide an example of how I could go about it.

Never Mind, I figured it out.

Copy EXTRACT=sub to "D:\Archives\" Go "D:\Archives\{file|noext}" NEWTAB

It should be noted that D:|Archives must exist or the code will fail

Try this to create the folder D:\Archives if it's not already existing:Copy EXTRACT=sub to CREATEFOLDER "D:\Archives" Go "D:\Archives\ {file|noext}" NEWTAB

Thanks kundal

any idea how I could implement a dialog box asking if I want to move the original archive to D:\archives?

This may do what you want, but I don't know for sure. o)

Copy EXTRACT=sub to CREATEFOLDER "D:\Archives" Go "D:\Archives\ {file|noext}" NEWTAB @confirm Move Archive? COPY MOVE FROM {filepath} TO "D:\Archives"