Button-Copy DVD unattended to P:\ Drive (Auto Saving Error log)

I created a button that I want to copy my, DVD "E", to a folder called "E:\Old-DVD\CheckFolder". I also want the function to use "unattended=yes. And lastly Save the unattended file to the "E:\Old-DVD\CheckFolder" directory with a file name of DVDerror. I saw no commands that would let me save the unattended Error File If the copy did have an error.

Here is what I was hoping might work, which it did not:
Copy E:
UNATTENDED=yes TO=P:\Old - CD! E Temp Folder


This s as far as I got.

Yes. Just got through reading up on the quotes as you suggested.

I would like to save the error unattended file to a folder right after the completion of the DVD copy to my hard drive. I need it activate, save error file, when the DVD completes its copy to the Hard-Drive.

I don't think there's a way to automate saving the error log after it finishes.

A command line tool like RoboCopy (comes with Windows) might be more suited to the kind of thing you're doing, and could be launched from an Opus button (or something external instead, of course).

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