Button filter

I have created a button with
Go "H:\Music"
To goto the Music directory on drive H and display all of the files.
Is there anything that I can add to - Go "H:\Music" - to filter and display just the .mp3 files or just the .ogg files etc?

Have a button which runs this command (click Advanced to be able to write a multi-line command):

Go H:\Music Set SHOWFILTERFILENAME=*.(mp3|ogg)
Note that the *.(mp3|ogg) filter will remain when you change directories. To clear the filter you can make a button which runs:

If you always want to filter *.(mp3|ogg) in H:\Music then you could save a Folder Format for that directory which defines the filter. Then the filter will be in place even if you don't use your special button to go to it.

Thanks Nudel
Works wonderfully
I found by putting Set SHOWFILTERFILENAME=. on all of the other buttons, the filter clears without using s separate button.
Thanks again

Cool, glad it's working as you want it!

By the way, if you want a visual indication of which filter(s) are in place, check out the Filter box described in this FAQ: