Button icon highlighting

I have a custom button defined as a three-button. I have to run several functions in the operation that I'm trying to accomplish, and the only way I could feasibly accomplish them in one button was to separate the functions into three groups, then left-click the button, middle-click the button, and right-click the button. It's not an ideal solution, but it works.

Some of the functions invovled in the button are filters that show and hide system files. I have highlighting disabled in all three buttons, yet the button is always highlighted whenever system files are being shown (I have another button that toggles that situation).

How do I completely disable highlighting for this button in all situations? In my mind, this button serves one function, but logistics forced me to create it differently. In my mind, this button does not serve as an indicator of any kind of status, and therefore should not be highlighted, ever.

Any help?


I know what you mean. I recently requested a way to disable this type of highlighting for specific buttons for the same reason.

For now, the only solution is to use a menu instead of a button. That way you can have your 3 functions and if any are highlighted they are ticked in the menu rather than constantly visible on the toolbar. With the menu button set to show icon only then it won't take up any more room than a normal button. Not a perfect solution, but a solution....

Indeed. Thank you.


You can avoid the highlighting by adding a dummy command on the first line as well. For example:


Along the same lines I like to use a sound to do this. If I really don't want a sound, I'll have DOpus play a short sound file that's silent.

Play FILE "C:\Sounds\Click.wav" QUIET