Button On/off Auto Get folder size

hi, this time i would like to create a button who switch on/off the auto calculate size folders, i look after the raw commands but i am too lamer to find it...i know that i can specific drive not affected by this function but i prefer to have this function...thanks in advance

You can use the GetSizes command to calculate folder sizes manually if you don't want to have it turned on all the time. By default it is the middle-button function on the Create Folder toolbar icon.

Thanks jon, I already known the getsizes button, but i really would like to know if it is possible to have directly a button to switch on/off the auto getsizes folders, apparently this is not possible, thanks anyway ^^

The best you could do is create a button which forces prefs to open on the correct page to edit this setting, using:Prefs PAGE=folderoptions

I think even the auto-get-sizes operations will abort if you hit the Escape key as well...