Button or context menu for convert to PDF with MS Office Save-As option

Hi All,

Very commonly i need to convert PowerPoint or Word documents to PDF. Although there are multiple ways and options available , I wanted to know if we can automate my intended preferred way of saving as PDF using Microsoft native Save-As dialog box.

Can we have a button or a right click menu option to convert the selected files(s) to PDF and save in the source folder with the same name (.PDF extension) (all in one go), using the save-as dialog box (screenshot below).

Thanks for your responses and guidance.

It might be possible via Word's scripting interface, but this is more a question for a forum about Word than Opus. Opus can run pretty much any command or script, but whether Word can do it and what the command or script is, I don't know.

Actually, this may work if Office's PDF virtual printer is installed:

Print TO "Microsoft Print to PDF"

Worked here on a .docx file, at least. Still involves a bit of clicking and typing to specify where to save the new file, and also waiting for Word to load, but a bit less than opening the document in Word first.

The "printer" name may vary with different languages. It'll be the same one as in the list of printers in Windows or anything that lets you select a printer.



Many Thanks for this wonderful script.

It worked great when added as toolbar button. I wanted it to be available as an option right-click context menu when i select office file types.

With my limited knowledge - i tried adding it to the FileTypes option (selected Documents Filetype group) and added the code as per the below screenshots.



The option appeared in the right click menu


However when I selected the option the log output gave the below error.


Can you please have a look and guide how to correctly it, so i can select one or multiple file types (doc/xls) and do the needful conversion.

Try adding

@script JScript

as the first line of the script.

Btw: It's probably easier to add the script to "All files and folders" instead of specific file types.

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Great, it works now. I selected multiple PPTX and DOCX files and it converted them.

For the all files and folder, I just wanted this option to appear on the Office Document Types (which are usually the only target for PDF conversion)

Thanks for your support.