Button: simple sync automation


would like to know if there's a solution to make a simple command button for this (in naive terms, no coder here):

  • open window split
  • open two folders
  • activate sync view
  • flag "Left-right sync"
  • run "compare"

Came this far xD:

Go "SourceFolder"
Set VIEW=Details
Go "DestinationFolder" OPENINRIGHT=vert
Set VIEW=Details

Maybe I don't even need it that complicated, I read some threads about simple automated sync, but I don't like all this robotext stuff, I want to stay within DOpus, if possible.

So most favorable solution would be smth like this:

  • don't open anything
  • just run through different source/destination commands
  • sync all those with one-way-copy and different-date-check
  • maybe options as "purge if not in source" and "sync subfolders"

I totally lack the brain for difficult makros and scripts. Anybody willing to show me how to do this?


Ok, I have a simple solution now, some trouble still, maybe somebody can help with this.

I have a simple

Copy "c:\source" TO "d:\destination" UPDATEALL UPDATETOLERANCE=30 WHENEXISTS=replace

Problem now is: DOpus copies the first (source) folder to the 2nd one (destination), so the structure there is: d:\destination\source*.* instead of d:\destination*.*

Any idea why? Thought it copies the content of folder 1 to folder 2?

Not really working. In the ref it says "Remember that if the specified path contains a space you must enclose the whole path in quotes", but as soon as there's a space, DOpus errors with "can't find path".

Anybody any clue what I'm doing wrong here?
This solution could be perfect for me, I don't need detailed syncs ...

Try c:\source\* instead of c:\source.

Hi lxp,

thanks, I fumbled around with these commands yesterday and the problem was, DOpus prompted to not know the directory, but it wasn't the real problem. The real problem was, the destination folder didn't exist and the error message was wrong xD

I solved it with:

Copy CREATEFOLDER "destinationSubfolder" QUEUE=NewQueue,quiet UNATTENDED=yes "sourceFolder" TO "ExistingDestinationFolder" UPDATEALL UPDATETOLERANCE=30 WHENEXISTS=replace

Works like a charm, exactly what I tried to achieve. It's a simple Sync, without fuss, working directly out of a button in my floating menu. Think I used some of the stuff from your examples, so heavy thanks to you and all the others on the forum. Had to read a lot, but got a lot of input. Great community.


The error message comes from the operating system (or filesystem, but that's usually part of the OS), not Opus itself.

It'd normally be "path not found" or similar if you tried to copy something into a folder that doesn't exist. It sounds like that's what it was from your previous post. That's the correct error message. Which other message would you expect?

For sync/backup there are so many external comfortable solutions, which can be controlled via commandline/button within DO.

Hi Leo,

the message is from DOpus, saying "An error occured with "Copy" of "SourceDirectory": The system can't find the entered path. (3)" (translated from german)

Not sure if possible, but I entered the 'DestinationFolder' into the commands, so maybe the error message could advice there's an explicit problem with the 'DestinationFolder' and give a hint to 'use CREATEFOLDER' or smth - not sure if that's really valid at this point, but it would be more helpful to understand what's happening from a non coding users standpoint in my eyes.

Hi Sasa,

I'm sure there's plenty good software out there, but it's really working as intended now and perfectly fine for what I tried to achieve. And I don't have to fumble around with another software.