Button To Copy Files To A Folder

I have a ton of templates that I use at work. I'm looking for a script to setup on a context menu or a button that will allow me to copy a specific file to the location that I'm at. Ideal setup, I have a drop down menu on the right click that shows the different files. I click on one and it is copied and pasted to the folder that I'm in.

Could anybody help in creating that? I've messed around with the Go Folder, Target and Copy command with no luck.


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Are all the files you want in the menu in the same place, or are they in various different places?

Both can be done but the best approach depends on where the files are.

I have a folder called templates, then under there are 5 folders with the content types. Sales, production, marketing. Each sub folder contains templates. I've found that I can use:

Copy "C:\Users\AaronS\aaron-co.com\Aaron & Co - Documents\09-Users\Test" FOLDERCONTENT=copytosource HERE AS "Filename.xls"

It will show me what's in the folder, then I select it and it pastes it naming it "Filename.xls". How could I tell it to name it the same as its original name?

I got it.
Go "C:\Users\Active Templates" FOLDERCONTENT=copytosource

Under All Files and Folders File Type, and in Context Menu, I created a sub-menu "Templates, then sub-menu "Active Templates", then a new action with the above. I have another one with some other template types, which then gave me two drop down arrows.

Anybody see any issues with my solution?