Button to copy list of files to clipboard?

Ok, I know about the Print Folder Contents tool, and the Clipboard Copynames command, but neither do quite what I want.

I would like a button that sends a list of the files in the source lister to the clipboard. I just want file names - no folders, no paths, and no extensions. It would be best if it could be done without having to select the files beforehand.

Is this possible with Opus? Currently I use a small app for this, but today I realized it might be possible using internal commands.


Select ALL Clipboard COPYNAMES=nopaths

Thanks jon, but I've already got something similar in my context menu.

I was hoping for something that copies files only (no folders), and does not copy file extensions...

Use this:

Select ALLFILES DESELECTNOMATCH Clipboard COPYNAMES=nopaths REGEXP (([^.]*$)|(.*)\.[^.]+) \2\3

Leo to the rescue!

Thanks mate, works perfectly :smiley: