Button to empty Recycle Bin


is there a way to create a butten which empties the recycle bin with one click?



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(requires the latest version of Opus)

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Cool one. Didn't notice this. One improvement: I always like to know how much I'm throwing away. Now it tells me just the amount of items in the trashcan but not for how much disk space it accounts. For this I have to go to the Prefs. Would be great to have the dialog give more info when clicking the button.

The dialog comes from Explorer, Opus just invokes the "empty" command on the recycle bin and Windows does the rest.

Yes, i knew this. But it WOULD BE a nice enhancement. Now I invoke the prefs dialog with the right tab where I get this info and then invoke the EMPTY function:


Having a simple button and an informative message box from Opus plus NOT having the Explorer message box anymore would be nice.

The problem is you would get two dialogs, as I don't think there is any way to empty the recycle bin without Explorer prompting you.

[quote="jon"]The problem is you would get two dialogs, as I don't think there is any way to empty the recycle bin without Explorer prompting you.[/quote]Oh, is it again me doing the work of the developers? I know this from private projects with some colleagues: [quote]"No, you can't read the current volume of Winamp via API!" ... (dig dig, this time several hours) ... "Oh! WTF you say? setVolume(-666)? Get lost!"[/quote] OK, two minutes on Google yield this:

SHERB_NOCONFIRMATION: No dialog box confirming the deletion of the objects will be displayed.

Now all we need is a new command to read the trashcan information to display it in a dialog. This could lead to a Delete EMPTYRECYCLE=NOCONFIRM.


Maybe you would be happier just writing your own file manager? :slight_smile:

After using Opus since Version 3? Yo' kidding?

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The floppy to the left is my backup copy of Opus v3.41. I had to leave the original disk together with some money at the cologne AMIGA fair in change for the big box in the back. By the way: Where did serious documentation go, the type big enough to drive nails into the wall? :unamused:

And I guess I even used JPDirUtil, Version 1.11 from Fish Disk 287 since I just found that floppy :wink: That was way before Opus when my desktop was blue and orange.

And you've put up with the inadequacies for that long? Impressive :slight_smile:

Nope, but DOpus for Windows lacks ARexx.

Last time I looked, Windows lacked ARexx...

I knew there was another feature request I planned to file for Opus.


Going back to the recycle bin issue, if it's possible I'd love to see a status bar sequence added to the list of sequences. If it was available, I know I'd add it to my status bar so I could see in a glance how full the recycle bin is.

Judging by the vast amount of information already used in the status bar, I'd also like a "status content" pseudo-button to put in toolbars. This way one could create toolbars containing status information.