Button to move files in folder WITH subfolder


I would like to add two folders in the same action using this script: Button to move files in folder named from file "Button to move files in folder named from file" done by GoinPostal (thanks!)

the idea is to use the file name for the first folder, then, create a sub-folder (call CR2 for me) where to move the selected files.

How can i modified this script to do so? This said the second part of the script is really dangerous to me.

<?xml version="1.0"?> Déplacement Rapide #opentoolbar Déplacer dans un dossier auto Déplacer dans un dossier du nom du fichier #makedir @nofilenamequoting @runonce @set Folder={file|noext} @runonce CREATEFOLDER READAUTO=no "{file|noext}" Copy MOVE TO ".\{$Folder}" @keydown:shift Rename {$Folder} Déplacer dans le dossier parent Déplacer les fichiers dans le dossier parent et supprimer le dossier courant #opentoolbar @set ChildPath={sourcepath$|noterm} @runmode hide Copy MOVE * TO .. Go .. rmdir {$ChildPath}

Thanks for any help!

may I ask directly GoinPostal on is tread even if it's not in the help forum ?

I'm not sure I completely understand the question, but you can send GoinPostal a private message or email by clicking the PM or envelope icon on the right side of the screen.