Button to open file in Camera Raw with Photoshop

Dear Opus Team,

I have a unusual request. I want to add a button to my Dopus toolbar which opens ANY image file in Photoshop using the "Open as Camera RAW" feature? Actual RAW files are easy to open this was as Camera Raw is simply the default way for photoshop to open these files. However for JPG, PNG etc you have to manually open photoshop, then select file open, then camera raw as the file type and then select your file. It would be great if I could automate this with an action in Dopus by just selecting the file and "sending it" to Photoshop. Any suggestion on if this is possible is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

You could try a button with

{apppath|photoshop.exe}photoshop.exe {filepath$}

Not tested, so I am not sure whether this will use the "Open as Camera RAW" feature.

This is more a question about Photoshop than it is about Opus. I don't know if Photoshop has a way to tell it to explicitly open a (non-raw) file in Camera Raw from outside of the program.

Asking how to do that on a support forum for Photoshop is probably your best bet. If there is a way, it should be trivial to convert it into an Opus command.

Thanks for the fast replies. Ive managed to sort of make it work. There is an option in Photoshop which forces it to open all incoming files in Camera Raw first. This will do for now.

I have another question which should be more relevant to the Opus team.
If Adobe bridge is installed there is a right click folder context menu available which allows one to browse a given folder in Bridge. I would like to make this a Dopus button. I used the context menu editor to find that the context command is:
"C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Bridge 2021\Bridge.exe "%L""

However when I add this to a button, the current folder is not passed to Bridge and it only open the default folder. Any advice on how to make this work? thanks

Try this:

"C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Bridge 2021\Bridge.exe" {sourcepath|noterm}

Edit: Added noterm as Bridge.exe seems confused if the path ends in a backslash.

Awesome, that works. Thanks Leo. You guys make excellent software with great support

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